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TechEmerge Health Brazil

Project start
Nov, 2017
Open Call
Feb, 2018
Finalists announced
Apr, 2018
Matchmaking events
Jun, 2018
Pilots announced
Dec, 2018
End of project
Jul, 2021

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IFC launched its second TechEmerge initiative in 2018, with an open call aimed at innovators across the globe with new technologies that would address clinical and operational gaps in Brazil’s health system and improve patient outcomes.

To date, 17 pilots have been successfully completed at over 30 clinical sites, reaching more than 113,000 Brazilian patients and clinicians. The piloted technologies range from imaging solutions leveraging AI, clinical decision support tools, radionics, patient engagement apps, surgical checklists, and more.

TechEmerge innovators and Brazilian health care providers have already signed six commercial contracts worth almost $500,000, and more contracts are under negotiation. Tech companies also raised $163 million during the program, and one was acquired for $49 million. TechEmerge continues to facilitate the creation of even more sustainable partnerships that will improve health care delivery in Brazil and beyond.

Market context

$232 bn

Brazil’s health care market size by 2021, the 8th largest in the world.

$5.5 bn

Estimated medical device market size in 2020

$1.8 tn

Brazil’s estimated GDP by 2021

19+ bn

Patients impacted annually by participating providers


Laboratory units


Hospital beds

With a GDP of $1.4 trillion and a population of 212 million, Brazil is the largest health care market in Latin America, and the sector needs innovations that improve efficiency and patient outcomes. Although Brazilians are guaranteed free and universal public health coverage, private spending surpasses public spending, generating one of the largest private health system in the world. 

However, the Brazilian health system faces multiple challenges, including an overstretched and underfunded public system, a shortage of beds, and an uneven distribution of resources and physicians. In addition, despite a large and growing private health insurance market, many people pay for care out of pocket.

Given these challenges, Brazilian health care providers were keen to participate in TechEmerge and pilot new solutions to improve access, affordability, and quality of care. Participating providers have over 12000 beds, and 900 laboratory units serving more than 19 million patients annually across Brazil.

In total, 16 leading Brazilian health organizations participated in the TechEmerge Health Brazil initiative including multi-specialty hospital networks, diagnostic lab chains, home health care companies, and more.

Competitively selected from a field of almost 300 companies worldwide, our 21 innovators piloted a wide range of cost-effective, accessible, effective health technologies and solutions.

Under the TechEmerge Health Brazil initiative, 17 pilot projects were successfully implemented at over 30 clinical sites across the country, field-testing innovations in operational efficiency, patient engagement, point-of-care diagnostics, AI/Machine learning, clinical analytics, revenue management, and more.

TechEmerge pilot projects in patient engagement, point-of-care diagnostics, AI/Machine learning, clinical analytics, and more reached over 113,000 patients across Brazil. To date, our innovators have signed six contacts worth almost $500,000 with Brazilian health care providers, and more are under negotiation. 

Several innovators also went on to sign contracts with local distributors for broader deployment of their solutions across Brazil. TechEmerge continues to facilitate the creation of even more sustainable partnerships that will improve health care delivery in Brazil and beyond.



Successful pilots conducted by 13 innovators and 11 health care providers

$163 mn

In financing raised by innovators during the program


Commercial contracts worth almost $500,000 signed by innovators & Brazilian providers

$49 mn

One of our innovators was acquired during the program

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“The TechEmerge Health pilots have improved our footprint and brand in Brazil which is turning into a significant market for us. We generated two more commercial contracts in Brazil as Grupo Fleury and HSL served as our references”


Tom Valent, VP Business Development

Innovator in : TechEmerge Health Brazil

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“TechEmerge put us in contact with tech startups around the entire world that had very focused and effective solutions for the sorts of problems we were presented with. It was an exceptional opportunity.”

Dr. Edgar Gil - Executive Director – Medical, Technical & B2B

in : TechEmerge Health Brazil

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“For our institution, TechEmerge was excellent. It was extremely innovative. I am proud to be involved and participating in a project that enables us to move forward progress with some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.”

Dasa Grupo

Dr. Ana - DASA

Adopter in : TechEmerge Health Brazil

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“The value for us was clear. We saw the synergy that brings technology and innovations to the healthcare market in Brazil.”

Sophia Genetics

Stanislas Cherel / Sophia genetics

Innovator in : TechEmerge Health Brazil