Completed pilot

Sophia Genetics – Dasa


Nov 2018 - May 2020


DASA, São Paulo, Brazil

SOPHiA for Radiomics is a groundbreaking application that analyzes medical images and combines them with biological and clinical data to predict tumor evolution. The aim of the pilot was to show that radiomics for glioblastomas and non-small cell lung cancer have the ability to enhance diagnosis and prognosis, along with following the progression of the disease and assessing the therapeutic response. These applications were shown to be relevant for clinicians and radiologists at DASA.


SOPHiA Genetics



  • A total of 149 patients’ data were analyzed using SOPHiA Radiomics in this project.
  • The project compared and cross validated performances of several machine learning algorithms developed in order to stratify tumors (glioblastomas) by molecular status and histology.
  • DASA also provided valuable feedback to the SOPHiA team, supporting the development of improved features and new developments such as:
    • 50% efficiency gain to segment glioma patients (from 45’- 1 hour on V1 reduced to 30’ on average)
    • Lung tumors segmentation improvements
    • Multi-modal visualization and features extraction
    • New radiomic features calculations
Lessons Learned

Through this project, SOPHiA GENETICS gathered on-field-feedback from the DASA team which was valuable in improving their platform and offering. To fully support the project, SOPHiA GENETICS made available a dedicated data scientist who supported the radiomic feature calculations. This has now been adopted as a standard proposed service to health institutions no matter their size or organizational structure, helping to efficiently manage the project in order to optimize clinicians’ time and allow them to access valuable patient data.

What partners say?

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"SOPHiA Radiomics is a type of artificial intelligence that enables us to define tumor characteristics that could not see with the naked eye in a CT scan or MRI alone. This gives us much more valuable information about the tumor and how it will progress, and that informs our prognosis and the best treatment and survival for the patient."

Dasa Grupo


Adopter in: TechEmerge Health Brazil

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"The TechEmerge project gave us the opportunity to introduce, install, and validate within DASA our SOPHiA Radiomics technology. Such innovative projects always require financing and strategic communications which were both enabled and catalyzed by the IFC thus helping us push these decisions forward."

Sophia Genetics

Innovator in: TechEmerge Health Brazil