Our focus

TechEmerge tackles some of the most pressing challenges facing emerging markets by accelerating the deployment of innovative technologies, services, and business models that deliver economic and development impact in critical sectors.



Strengthening patient outcomes and service delivery at multi-specialty hospitals, primary care clinics, laboratory chains, pharmaceutical retailers, health insurers, and more.

  • East Africa
  • Brazil
  • India


Addressing the twin challenges of making disaster risk management smarter, more efficient, affordable, and accurate in the time of COVID-19, while building long-term disaster and climate resilience.

  • India
sustainable cooling

Sustainable Cooling

Improving energy-efficiency, affordability, and access to climate-smart solutions in space cooling, transport, industrial and commercial applications, and cooling ecosystems.

  • Latin America
  • Nigeria
  • South Asia
  • Harnessing Waste Cold

Where we work

TechEmerge leverages the power of innovation to advance economic development, encourage the growth of the private sector, and improve the lives of people in emerging economies worldwide.