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Temperature-controlled logistics (TCL) is vital to safely deliver fresh produce to markets, and to prevent life-saving vaccines and other pharmaceuticals from spoiling. In India, TechEmerge is accelerating the adoption of cutting-edge cooling innovations from across the world that improve TCL efficiency and affordability, while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Conducted in partnership with one of India’s largest cold chain logistics providers, Snowman Logistics, this initiative is building commercial relationships and piloting sustainable TCL technologies, services, and business models on the ground in one of the world’s fastest-growing cooling markets.

Market context

$1.2 tn

Estimated value of food wasted globally each year


Commercial & domestic demand for refrigeration is expected to quadruple in India over the next 20 years


Energy required to keep produce fresh at warehouses could increase almost fifty-fold by 2038

Inefficiencies in TCL pose serious development challenges, contributing, for example, to the waste of one third of all food produced globally. These losses amount to 1.2 trillion annually, driving up costs for consumers, producers, and businesses. 

We need more reliable, affordable TCL, but at the same time, cooling already accounts for 15 percent of energy used worldwide and produces 10 percent of greenhouse gases, so solutions must be climate-smart too.

India has one of the world’s fastest-growing cooling markets, and companies like Snowman are keen to adopt affordable, efficient, sustainable TCL innovations. Over roughly the next 20 years, commercial and domestic demand for refrigeration is expected to quadruple in India to 2,400,000 TR, according to the India Cooling Action Plan (ICAP). 

ICAP also forecasts that energy required to keep produce fresh at warehouses will increase almost fifty-fold from 22,000 MWh to 5.2 TWh, while the number of temperature-controlled reefer trucks will grow from approximated 15,000 in 2018 to 400,000 in 2038.

Snowman Logistics is one of India’s largest integrated temperature-controlled logistics service providers, specializing in warehousing, distribution, and other value-add services.