Completed pilot

Remote diagnosis using cloud-enabled electrocardiogram platform


March 2017- November 2017


New Delhi and Haryana, India

The Tricog system is a platform that enables remote diagnosis of heart abnormalities using off-the-shelf, cloud-enabled electrocardiogram machines. In this pilot, the Tricog system transmitted data to the Cygnus hub, where data was reviewed and interpreted by Cygnus’ expert doctors, and a diagnosis was then sent back to clinics at remote locations through SMS, mobile app, and email within five minutes or less.


30 Hospitals/centers spanning across the New Delhi and Haryana region



  • 8,397 ECGs conducted in participating clinics
  • 527 critical cases detected in participating clinics
  • 94 cases transferred to Provider Hospitals from participating clinics
  • 95.2 % of ECG reports came in on time (within agreed time as per Service Level Agreement)
  • 9/10 Service satisfaction rating
Lessons Learned

One of the most notable challenges in this pilot was the delay in communication. The team recognized that communication is key moving forward, and that both the host and innovator need to be proactive in maintaining constant communication and addressing issues promptly.

What partners say

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"Being selected in TechEmerge was a key turning point...we took what we learned from the TechEmerge pilot project, replicated it in other markets, and have grown over 1 million patients in 12 countries."


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