Past event

IFC-UK Sustainable Cooling Innovation Summit

October 03 - 05 , 2023

Birmingham, UK (Recordings available)

More than 100 innovators, adopters, and experts in cooling and finance recently gathered in Birmingham for TechEmerge’s Sustainable Cooling Innovation Summit, in partnership with the UK Department for Energy Security & Net Zero. Delegates shared cutting-edge innovations that aim to make energy-efficient, climate-smart cooling accessible for all who need it. Global experts delved into market trends, challenges, and opportunities. The need for greater gender diversity in the cooling sector—and the business benefits for doing so—was also in focus. TechEmerge sincerely thanks all of our panelists, speakers, delegates, and development partners for their valuable contributions.

>> Session assets: event agenda, photo album and full presentation.

Day 1 – IFC TechEmerge Sustainable Cooling Pilots and Lessons Learned

Session 1: Welcome Remarks Watch the recording

Session 2: Large-Scale Commercial Cooling: Lessons from the Hospitality Sector Watch the recording

Session 3: Residential & Small-Scale Commercial Operations Watch the recording

Session 4: Storage and Off-Grid Solutions Watch the recording

Session 5: Advances in Long to Medium-Haul TCL Watch the recordin- 

Session 6: Short-Haul and Last-Mile Innovations Watch the recording

Session 7: Wrap-up and Takeaways from Day 1 Watch the recording

Day 2 – Market Trends and Enabling Environment

Session 1: Keynote Address Watch the recording

Session 2: Emerging Sustainable Cooling Innovations Watch the recording

Session 3: Cooling as a Service (CaaS) /Localization Watch the recording

Session 4: Private Sector Financing for Cooling Innovation Watch the recording

Session 5: Public Sector Financing for Sustainable Cooling Watch the recording

Session 6: Enabling Environment and Support Structures Watch the recording

Session 7: How Business Benefit from Gender Equality in the Cooling Sector & Building a Skilled Cooling Workforce Watch the recording

Session 8: Key takeaways from Day 2 Watch the recording

Day 3 – Key Takeaways from the Summit Watch the recording