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Zilico / International Oncology


March 2017- April 2018

Zilico created ZedScan, which uses Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) to improve the detection of cervical cancer following an abnormal smear result and increase diagnostic accuracy – ultimately saving lives and money. Results are displayed on a handset within a simple graphical interface, whereas conventional colposcopy relies on visual indicators, which are not disease specific, and can result in overtreatment and misdiagnosis. This pilot with International Oncology aimed to increase early detection and quickly enable treatment.


March 2017- April 2018


Hirandani Hospital, Maharashtra
Kidwai Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Columbia Asia, Bengaluru, Karnataka



  • 114 patients enrolled
  • Increased detection rate of High Grade disease by 40%
  • ZedScan plus colposcopy offers 100% sensitivity as compared to colposcopy alone with NPV at 88% sensitivity
  • Feedback from the clinicians was positive regarding ease of use, accuracy and the ability to reduce biopsies.
    • All clinicians responded that they would like to continue to use ZedScan.
    • All clinicians reported that patients tolerated the ZedScan examinations well with no adverse reactions recorded. 
Lessons Learned

This pilot taught the Zilco team how to identify suitable commercial partners in India, and how to interact with a variety of health systems. The team also benefited from the pilot in terms of understanding and addressing a lack of awareness of cervical screening among the general public.

What partners say

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"The company has definitely benefited from the programme in terms of its learning opportunity. We also recognize the status which comes with being part of a programme and the fact that it brings the company to the awareness of other bodies such as our invitation to present ZedScan at the Universal Health Coverage event in Japan and the ISCCP in India."


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