Completed pilot

mTatva / Apollo Hospitals


December 2016 - April 2017

mTatva developed a textmessage enabled digital-nurse called HealthPIEDuring this pilot, Apollo Hospital providers trialed mTava’s post-prescription technology solution to scan and digitize investigations, medicines, reviews, and other details on a patient’s paper prescription, and provide SMS reminders to increase patient engagement.


  • Apollo Cancer Hospital in Hyderabad
  • Ortho Department at Apollo General Hospital in Hyderabad



  • Served a total of 1,300+ patients across the cancer hospital and ortho department
  • Through patient satisfaction survey measurement via phone calls, the mTatva and Apollo teams were able to determine whether this service helped the patients feel more connected to Apollo; if patients liked this service, and perceived it as a value add, etc.
  • Of the orthopedic patients who responded to satisfaction surveys, 98% found call reminders helpful99% would recommend the service to others, and 100% felt more connected to Apollo
  • Of the cancer patients who responded to the survey, 98% found call reminders helpful96% felt more connected to Apollo, and 94% would recommend the service to others.
Lessons Learned
  • Discussions with cancer specialists showed that the needs of cancer patients and corresponding protocols and operations are very unique. A workflow modification was made to cease SMS medication reminders for cancer patients to avoid conflict with typical workflows and ensure patient-centric and quality care as per the clinicians’ recommendation.
  • Based on these learnings, the Apollo team had to customize and iterate the call schedule several times.  The call center script was modified to help patients with call reminders, without being a burden to them during their course of treatment.

What partners say

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"Overall it has been a fantastic program and we have gained quite a lot and expect to gain more in the future. Before TechEmerge, we were mostly dealing with smaller hospitals only. With this pilot we faced some challenges which might happen in bigger corporate hospitals, we learned to mitigate them."



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