Completed pilot
Sustainable Cooling

Chaldal and Indafre

Colombian innovator Indafre is teaming up with Chaldal on a pilot that aims to provide stationary and mobile cooling in areas where the electricity grid is weak, replacing the need for expensive and polluting diesel generators or diesel-powered refrigerated reefer trucks. The solution uses insulated boxes with PCM passive cooling and active boxes fitted with a DC-motor operated by a vapor compression refrigeration system with lithium ferro phosphate batteries. The partners will also field test the passively-cooled boxes for inter-city, intra-city, and last mile deliveries of chilled and frozen groceries.



The company commercializes portable refrigeration and freezing solutions for most fragile links in the cold chain, transport, and the last mile. Sustainable cooling made in Colombia.



Chaldal is the largest online grocery company in Bangladesh, serving four of the country's largest cities.